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The independent expert committee GECKO continuously evaluates the current COVID situation in Austria. The most important contents of commission meetings of the National COVID-Crisis Coordination are usually published every second week as an Executive Report.

According to the report from early September, there are indications of a possible "twindemic" in autumn. This refers to a simultaneous occurrence of rising COVID-19 and influenza infection numbers. Because mask wearing has occurred in the past two years, influenza has been massively suppressed during this period and thus almost nonexistent. If fewer masks are worn this fall, both COVID-19 and influenza numbers are expected to increase.

Internationally, the omicron subvariant BA.2.75 is on the rise. Currently, however, the virus variant BA.5 dominates the infection incidence in Austria. Current studies show: BA.2.75 replicates more strongly and causes stronger inflammatory reactions in the lungs. The protection of COVID-19 vaccination against severe cases caused by omicron is high and long-lasting - especially after the booster (4th) vaccination.

In addition to COVID-19 vaccination, there are effective medications. They are primarily a safety net for people at increased risk for severe disease. In Austria, there are signs of a positive development in the use of COVID-19 medication, thus having become a role model for Germany in this area, where medication dispensing is to be optimized according to the Austrian model.

There are also new findings on Long COVID in the GECKO report. Here is a link to full report, and an overview and summary of the key issues.

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